The Goldsmiths Curatorial Studies Students seek to establish a communal atmosphere, defined by dialogue, confrontation, and negotiation.  We will look to valued alumni and those enrolled to generate an integral, multidisciplinary program of exhibitions.
The Made in Goldsmiths Gallery has potential to move in engaging new directions.  We have been successful as yet, circulating intelligible activity with formal practices and diagnosis/ activation of key artistic processes, and will place the exhibition space in a comparable forward thinking position.  We believe the Gallery has the capacity to become dynamic, generating interest alongside other vital, young London institutions.
We will go beyond the allotted four exhibitions per year by implementing congregation, discussion, and critical experimentation into the program.  The Gallery will be a starting point for freshly formulated ideas, providing Goldsmiths students with new visibility and a space defined by inspiration.
At Goldsmiths, we are surrounded by worthy artists and thinkers.  As active curators, we are qualified to bridge the gap between practice and program, to stimulate this populace.  There is endless potential within the space and we seek to draw it out.

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