Made in Goldsmiths will be hosting a two-week residency with the Dharma Collective, an inquisitive collaboration between artists Matthew Welch and Laurence Alan Price. The collective will be primarily investigating notions of production as understood within a contemporary context.

The term contemporary is inexplicably indefinable as is the state of the present with its parameters in continuous motion, comparable to the mechanisms of the Internet, an integral constituent to the contemporary. With the mediation of the Internet alongside the plethoric character of modernism, the Dharma Collective aims to place a magnifying glass on top of their practice and reveal to an audience their understanding of production and process. The work will take the form of an installation, with its structural basis in the centre of the gallery, an island, a laboratory and an artist’s studio – all in one – that may give out the impression of a time machine. It will jump backwards and forwards in time, in a manner similar to that of a click of a mouse, accumulating information and physical mass, spreading into the different rooms of the gallery.

Intellectual discourse around modernism is imperative for the Dharma Collective, an appraisal and nostalgia for a time, which no longer functions. A time in history when utopian thinking still existed and assisted in opening up new vistas of thought, whether it was in literature, architecture or art. To clarify, modernity as praxis is irrelevant and not a question the residency aims to answer, what is of interest is to commentate on the contemporary, a time according to Boris Groys, constituted by doubt, hesitation and uncertainty. Thus modernism becomes the perfect accomplice for an active investigation into modes of production, history, the Internet, space, time and fiction.

The Dharma Collective takes its name from the television series Lost, about a group of survivors on an island after a freak plane crash. The Island in Lost is a complex non-place; it has unusual magnetic activities and unpredictable anomalies. Its transcendental qualities has blurred states of reception and succeeded in creating many myths and interpretations around its mysterious narrative. Conclusively one may say that the mediation of the Internet in the work takes on a similar quality to that of the Island in Lost and makes one wonder the legitimacy of any information that we receive in abundance on a daily basis.

Made In Goldsmiths wishes to invite the viewers during the period of installation, commencing Tuesday 15th March, to join the Dharma Collective and engage with the process of installation as it accumulates into the gallery. People are welcomed to meet and work alongside the artists, in an attempt to promote visibility of the work in all its stages – naked as well as when realised.


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