X Presents… Made in Goldsmiths

Private View 1st March, 19:00 – 21:00
Open for 2nd – 11th March,
Excluding weekends, 10:00 – 17:00

‘What is it to Receive? A discussion with the artists (ex-students) concerning the works in the show and their contingent relationship with Goldsmiths’ – Talk chaired by Helen Kaplinsky, 1st March, 18:00-19:00.


When a group of art graduates is offered the opportunity to return back to the institutional space they had left, holding a certificate to prove their enhanced potentiality as artists and a promise of future success within the cultural field, it only seems appropriate to do so by centering suspicions and enquiries about learning spaces on Goldsmiths itself.

As difficult as it may seem to actually calculate the amount of art graduates that this establishment has welcomed and then released upon an international network of diverse practices, the opportunity to investigate it as a mechanism of validation for acquired expertise in a time of socio-economic instability appears critical in examining its status of credibility.

By being able to occupy this platform as a space of collaboration and through the initiation of dialogues around educational concerns, the labeling of an institution as a mere “manufacturing machine” can be expanded into a wider context of enquiries concerning its mode of function.

What is to be “Made in Goldsmiths”,
to produce work in the name of Goldsmiths
and then present yourself again within its vicinity?

Alex Ressel – Andreas Pashias – Cara Nahaul – Claire Robers – Emily Ballard – Emily Whitebread – Kat Mammone – Natalie Marr – Sally Hogarth – Sarah Walters


X Presents… is an artist-led non profit organisation based in the UK, our initiatives are based on the values of collectivism and self-organisation. X Presents… aims to unite artists whose collaborative realisation of artistic and educational projects support creative sector graduates. We are guided by new conditions of learning and discourse outside the art school and established institutions, looking to create new platforms and support networks to voice our frustrations and desires.

Contact: sarah@xpresents.co.uk

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