An Evening of performances|25th of Jan. @ Made in Goldsmtihs Gallery

Martin Creed – playing solo

Nine Owls in a Baguette

Rory Buckley

Leslie Deere

25th January 2011

6.30 -10.00pm

This event intends to re-examine our default understanding of genre boundaries, by bringing together a group of artists who perform with sound and music.

Each act will perform after the other. Some performances will take place within a designated area, whilst others will move freely through the gallery. The presence of props independent from the performances preclude or highlight the ensuing activity of the event, and influence our expectations and reflections. With an emphasis on process over result, the artists play on immediacy and their own live role within the work.

The instinctive and immediate reaction generated by sound differs to the primarily contemplative mode of experiencing visual work. The live performances in this show turn an otherwise sonic experience into a spectacle, and the event begins to work as a paradigm of the now accepted ambiguity of genre and medium margins.

Within the context of the Goldsmiths student union, where one would usually expect music and events rather than an art show, it seems relevant to consider how our experience of this show would differ if it were to take place on the stage upstairs opposite the student bar. Here, the context, audience and format of the event influence our understanding of scenario and the stage.

Relationships between object and sound, movement and perspective are exposed in Glass Bottles, by Leslie Deere. Deere interacts with a staged installation to create a performance where the sculptural objects hide other functions. In this one off work, the objects become instruments and offer a visual aesthetic to sound.

Rory Buckley follows Deere’s performance with his piece Archimede-Movement.8. Playing on the stereotype of a traditional musician, Archimede-Movement.8 experiments with sound, performance and gesture through an absurdist humour and pathos.

Nine Owls in a Baguette work as a collective, choosing to incorporate specific themes tailored to the context in which they perform. Utilising a variety of objects to create sound, in British Mammals and Amphibians Nine Owls embrace humour. The ethos of experimentation and spontaneity result in an amalgamation of genres.

Martin Creed draws on the absurdity and humour of his other works by combining words, music and a visual dimension. The process of making the work, in this instance, is literally put on stage, overtly emphasising the method over the result. The work becomes a theatrical event combined with a staging of social exchange and shared collective experience. With reference to Creed’s other works, music and sound become just another medium – a fittingly open-ended platform that does not need to be classified.

Anne Duffau and Matilda Strang will be interviewing Rory Buckley, Leslie Deere and Nine Owls in a Baguette on Resonance FM (104.4 FM), Friday 21st January 2011, 8.00 – 9.00pm.

Link to hear the radio show:

Made in Goldsmiths, Goldsmiths College, Students’ Union, New Cross, London, SE14 6NW


About the artists:

Rory Buckley lives and works in London and works in a wide range of medium including sculpture, sound, collage and film.  He has recently graduated with a BA in Sound Arts and Design at London College of Communication. Recent exhibitions include part of the ‘Ether Festival’ in the Royal Festival Hall, London, 2010.

Martin Creed lives and works in London. Between 1986 and 1990 he studied at the Slade School of Fine Art. In 2001, he won the Turner Prize. Since then, Creed has participated in numerous group exhibitions and has had several solo exhibitions and projects throughout the world.

Leslie Deere is a London based artist from Tennessee who works with a variety of media.  She has a BA Honours degree in Sonic Art and obtained an MA last year from the Royal College of Art. Leslie has exhibited internationally and has a permanently installed piece in Geneva at the Forever Institut. Most recently she was commissioned to create a new sound piece for Kew Gardens, Spring 2011.

Nine Owls in a Baguette are an artists/musicians collective that come about in 2008. Its main members are David Cranmer and Patrick Furness, both based in London. They have performed collaboratively for various events, notably for the Ether Festival at the Royal Festival Hall, London, 2010, the Sonic Arts Expo, Brighton, 2008, and at the London Festival of Architecture, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London, 2008.

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