November Screenings & Talks

WHAT IS IT TO RECEIVE? Or… a bit about Betweenness Centrality

NIS, A Tergo, videostill, 2009

Date: Tue Nov 16, 2010 18:30-19:30

Participants: Craig Cooper and Matthew Stock
Hosted by:  Snejana Krasteva

Made in Goldsmiths Gallery
Goldsmiths College, Students’ Union

This is the first of the series of November Screenings & Talks at the MIG (Made in Goldsmiths) Gallery. Hosted by a different curator each time, the series aims at discerning a variety of approaches to a broad question provoked by the educational context in which the gallery operates: What is it to receive? The invited artists are asked to use the format of video or film to start a conversation on how they understand this question and how issues around it have been formative in their art practice. Although initially inspired by the intrinsic situation of Made in Goldsmiths gallery, the series aims at going beyond these confines and negotiate an expansive set of cultural references.

Artists Craig Cooper and Matthew Stock will kick-off the series with thoughts on New Collaborative Practices. By way of avoiding the question of receiving as a singular process, they suggest “looking at the number of opportunities one has to receive and the situation of having a great density of obligations and rewards from this.”  Although both artists have individual practices, they will focus on their geographically dispersed collaborations with the New International School (NIS) & Madame Wang, and share their observations on other examples of mobile coalitions of artists. By proposing the term Betweenness Centrality, used mostly in graph theory and network analysis, they offer a different way of appreciating the role of each member in the ever changing traffic on the paths between them. The talk with start with two recent videos made with NIS: A Tergo (2009) and A May Night, Or The Drowned Woman (2010).

Made in Goldsmiths (Gallery)
Goldsmiths College, Students’ Union,
Dixon road, New Cross, London, SE14 6NW

Opening Hours: Wednesday – Friday, 2.00 – 6.00 & by appointment

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