The Man who Tasted Shapes

The Man who Tasted Shapes
6 October – 5 November, 2010
Private View: 6 October, 2010 6.00 – 9.00pm
Alicja Rogalska+ Martin Clarke, Look Both Ways, Jasiek Mischke,
Liliana Sanchez, Nicole Bachmann

6 October, 7.30PM – Cute Guyz Society Launch, Made in Goldsmiths Gallery
21 October, 6.30PM – Current, Installation by Alicja Roglaska + Martin Clarke,
College Green, Goldsmiths College (weather permitting)
28 October, 6.30PM – Performative Tour led by Nicole Bachmann,
Richard Hoggart Building, Goldsmiths College
Beginning in October, Made in Goldsmiths Gallery, will be directed by the Goldsmiths, MFA Curating, Part 2, for the 2010-2011 academic year. The programming will establish a communal atmosphere, defined by dialogue, confrontation, and negotiation. Rotating exhibitions and events will involve intelligible activity with formal practices. Diagnosing key artistic processes situates the exhibition space in a comparable forward thinking position. The Made in Goldsmiths Gallery is conceived as more of a platform/pretext than a space.
For the first exhibition, The Man who Tasted Shapes, curators Anca Rujoiu, Colleen Grennan, and Manuela Schulmpf, utilize this mission as framework and re-imagine the body of the gallery as less individuated and closer proximity to an immersive, unified environment. The context of the exhibition confront the public with the physical characteristics and limitations of the space by including artists works that stimulate sensory and perceptual encounters and have an immediate impact. Works are not meant to segregate one specific sense (ie; sight, hearing, touch etc), rather generate an integral and non-hierarchical network of perception. Weekly events are scheduled to transgress the physical boundaries of the gallery and show works outside the space itself creating a waffling friction between inside/outside.The rupture of the gallery’s borders corresponds to a synaesthetic experience which negates the walls between senses and implies an overlapping of sensory areas.
Synaesthesia is the neurological condition of transformative senses (hearing colours, tasting shapes), and has proven an eminently suggestive field for artists prodding the interface between sense and materials, self and the world. The collaborative workings of Alicja Rogalska and Martin Clarke are a direct experimentation of synaesthesia. Rogalska and Clarke trigger displacing sensory awareness with a performative installation that disjunctions source and sound. Jasiek Mischke’s video piece promotes changing and fractured internal experiences, manipulating the rise and fall of the human-centerdness. Nicole Bachmann will conduct a performative tour of the historical Richard Hoggart building on Goldsmiths campus, an architectural structure that often misguides wandering visitors throughout the corridors. Bachmann parallels the halls of the building to the common betrayals of language. Originating with specialized Japanese Green Tea to a video installation of a sludging pond to the production of miniature gestures, Liliana Sanchez formalizes the transmission of sensory immersion. Look Both Ways, comprised of Isaac Muñoz and Miguel Pacheco, addresses the consciousness of male aesthetics and challenges the structure of campus life with aggrandized strategies.
The night of the private view will include a performance by Look Both Ways launching the official Cute Guyz Society, along with open recruitment.
Made in Goldsmiths Gallery, Goldsmiths College, Students’  Union, New Cross, London, SE14 6NW
Opening Hours: Wednesday – Friday, 2.00 – 6.00 & by appointment  Contact:
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